New Workflow features have been released!

Improve your lead management with these two new workflow rules.

We’ve been really busy as usual chatting with our users and finding ways to improve our product. And once again we deliver! Our users – you guys told us that our workflows need to be improved further so we released a small but very useful update last night! If you would like to know the details, read on…

We have made our workflows smarter by adding two new rules that will help you manage your leads better!

Rules 1: While your job is in ‘LEAD’ stage no tasks or automation will occur after lead stage.

Rule 2: Once your job enters ‘PRE-SHOOT’ stage, all remaining tasks and automations from the lead stage will no longer occur.

So now you can basically add as many auto emails into the lead stage as you like to keep in touch with your potential clients, and as soon as they book, all the automation in lead stage will stop.

If you would like more info about this update or have some questions, just send us an email or an in-app message and we’ll explain to you how it works.

More exciting updates coming next week! Stay tuned!!