April ’17 Update: Contact Form Customisation

Hey everyone, we just deployed our latest update last night and it’s an awesome one! As always, we hear you, and we’re working our butts off to deliver features and updates that make your [...]

March ’17 Update: New Workflow Rules

New Workflow features have been released! Improve your lead management with these two new workflow rules. We've been really busy as usual chatting with our users and finding ways to improve our product. And [...]

February ’17 Update: Editable Workflows

February Update: Editable Workflows We have been working non stop, day and night to bring you this super exciting update! We have redesigned our workflows to be more flexible, easier to setup and have [...]

November ’16 Update: A new Email Log

November Studio Ninja Update From the beginning we have been very transparent and honest with all of you and we're working our asses off to bring you the best possible product [...]

April ’16 Update: Custom Job Types

22nd April 2016 - We have rolled out custom Job Types! Woohoo, a big ticket item on a lot of peoples wish list was rolled out last night - Custom Job [...]