Unrivalled in simplicity and usability.

Created with photographers in mind, Studio Ninja boasts a beautifully designed user interface that is hailed by photographers worldwide as extremely quick to setup, easy to use and intuitive for first-time users.

Client Management

The Studio Ninja address book will make sure all your client information stays up to date and organised! You can easily batch import all your existing clients using our CSV uploader and even embed our contact form on your website and watch as leads seemlessly getting loaded straight into Studio Ninja for you.

Client Management for photographers

Job Tracking

Studio Ninja makes sure all your jobs stay on track! From one easy to navigate screen you can send quotes and invoices, get contracts signed electronically and questionnaires completed online, check what tasks you need to do next, make notes, see what emails have been delivered and keep track of payments. That’s why our photographers love using Studio Ninja!

Job tracking for photographers

Super easy Invoicing and Quoting

Getting quotes accepted and invoices paid has never been easier! Simply upload your logo, setup your payment terms and start accepting online payments instantly! Leave the dirty work to us, we’ll remind your clients when payments are due (or overdue) and best of all keep everything nicely organised in the Studio Ninja payments directory.

Quoting and Invoicing with Studio Ninja

Workflows & Automation

Workflows are designed to streamline your photography business! They can simply be used as a normal task list that you apply to your jobs or you can take it one step further and set reminders, link email templates and have Studio Ninja automatically keep in touch with your clients for you.


Superior customer service

With a 100% response rate, and 2-hours response time on Facebook, Studio Ninja has one of the fastest and most helpful customer support service in the photography software industry. We support our members by answering questions and providing technical advice via multiple channels, including website, email, phone and an active Facebook group.

Amazing Studio Ninja support

How does Studio Ninja make your life easier?



Slow and fragmented process from enquiry to job completion.

From receiving the initial client enquiry to completing a job, photographers endure a slow, inefficient and costly process that requires a multitude of different offline and online tools.


One-stop-shop that streamlines all client interactions.

Studio Ninja manages all interactions between photographers and their clients, including setting up appointments, sending quotes, signing contracts and receiving payments.

Lost income due to losing track of invoices and important information.

Running a business is hectic. Photographers often forget important information and lose track of their jobs and invoices without an effective management system.


Improved service and income by keeping tracking of every job.

Every job is tracked, including client details, job dates, location details, appointments, contracts, invoices, emails and notes. Studio Ninja automatically sends out invoice reminders too!

Inability to provide a hassle-free experience for all clients.

Photographers have long craved the ability to give all clients a consistent, hassle-free and professional experience rather than sending PDF contracts and managing cash payments.


Take control of every step in the client and job workflow.

Studio Ninja’s workflows allow photographers to customise every part of the job workflow, including online payments, electronic signatures and automated emails to follow up with clients.

Too much time spent on boring administrative tasks.

Photographers spend a superfluous amount of time sending emails, updating spreadsheets, checking bank statements, scanning, and printing documents instead of growing their businesses.


Free up valuable time to focus on shooting and marketing.

Photographers will be able to focus on creating their best work for their clients and marketing their brand, by leaving the administrative side of their businesses to Studio Ninja.