Welcome to the Studio Ninja Affiliate Program

Becoming an affiliate allows photographers to market the worlds most user-friendly studio management software, which has helped thousands of photographers to run and grow their businesses. 

We’re aware that there are lots of affiliate programs available on the market, so we simply made ours the BEST!

That’s why we offer 20% recurring commission for the life of the customer!

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How do I join the affiliate program?

Become a Studio Ninja partner – Click here to Sign Up!

Why share Studio Ninja with your audience?

Affiliate Benefits

● Super high 34% conversion rate

● Less than 5% churn rate

● Get paid monthly, on time, every time!

● Recurring lifetime commissions

● Library to marketing materials

● Easily track referrals and commissions

Photographer Benefits

● We help photographers run and build their business

● We help photographers make more money

● We help photographer free up more time

● We help photographers be more organised

● We offer awesome support

● We supports all major currencies

Become a Studio Ninja partner – Click here to Sign Up!

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I promote Studio Ninja?

Promoting Studio Ninja has never been easier! Below you will find just a few ideas that our current partners are using to promote Studio Ninja:

  • Write a blog post about Studio Ninja: You can create a case study about how Studio Ninja has made your life easier. Compare Studio Ninja with other products on the market and mention why you prefer using Studio Ninja. Write about your experience or tell a story that would benefit others.
  • Share Studio Ninja on Social Media: If you have a following on Social Media like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram then this is one of the easiest ways to promote Studio Ninja. Use the images in our extensive media library and write a post on social media about how much you love using Studio Ninja and think that your friends check it out too!
  • Send out an email about Studio Ninja: Do you regularely send out newsletters or EDM’s to your audience of photographers? If so, then simply send out an email and mention Studio Ninja and you’re good to go.


How long is your cookie life?

Our cookie life is currently 30 days which means if a photographers uses your link they need to sign up within 30 days for you to benefit from the commission. We find that 90% of photographers that sign up, do it within 15 days.


How do you track conversions?

Conversions are tracked using your affiliate link, so if you’re promoting Studio Ninja make sure you use the unique link given to you when you sign up as an affiliate. All commissions are tracked using our affiliate tracking software, Tapfiliate.


What is your commission payout?

We currently offer 20% recurring commission for the lifetime of the photographer.


When and how often do I get paid?

We pay our affiliates on the 1st day of the month, every month.

Become a Studio Ninja partner – Click here to Sign Up!